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Clients Reviews

What my patients say is extremely important to my business. Without client satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why Conscious Frequencies Healing is so invested in making sure that clients are happy with the health treatments and services I offer. Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.

Yvonne Dunn

I experienced a very challenging episode of panic and anxiety this past year.  Celine performed several reiki sessions on me. During the sessions she used the singing bowl and proceeded with the reiki treatment.  I felt very good and less anxious during and after the sessions.  There is no doubt in my mind that her administration of reiki helped me in my healing journey.  I will be back for more.

Valerie Walton

Celine is a natural-born healer. I recently had a session with her where she balanced my chakras.  I could feel the heat from her hands as her energy worked its magic on me.  Afterwards I felt completely peaceful, inside and out.  I highly recommend a session with her!

Lynn Goldberg

I highly recommend Mrs. Weiss to anyone seeking alternative healing methods.  She is extremely professional and adept at putting you at ease to obtain the full benefit of the sessions.

Juliet Marquez

I came into my session trying to be very positive and open minded. I realized how bad I have been holding everything in and so called "faking" my true feelings.  My sessions with Celine have helped me realize that I need to take care of myself and stop trying to fix everything and everyone.

Lily Marquez

Started with tension, stress, anger, fear.  The sound healing and Celine have helped me go forward using her tools and sounds.

Laura M Gilliam

Celine is so calming and reassuring.  She reduced some pain physically and mentally.  This whole experience was more than I imagined. Fascinating! Was a great experience!

Client Reviews
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